What to do after a cracked windscreen?

Pubblicato il Aprile 12, 2023

You are driving on the motorway and all of a sudden you have noticed a crack in your windscreen: what to do? In this article we will give you some tips on what to do if your windscreen is cracked.

What are the risks of driving with a cracked windscreen?

A cracked windscreen can easily be a burden when driving. It can prevent you from seeing the road clearly and therefore put you at risk. The windscreen plays an important role in the structural rigidity of your vehicle as it absorbs most of the impact. If it is cracked, it loses its strength and effectiveness with each impact or strong vibration.

How do you repair a crack in your windscreen?

A crack in a windscreen can be repaired. However, to be sure that you can repair your windscreen, you must meet the following conditions:

If your situation is similar to the one listed above, you will only need to inject a special resin over your impact to solidify it. You can call in a professional or use a windscreen crack repair kit.

However, if your crack is too large and is located at the edge of your windscreen or in your field of vision then you will not be able to repair your windscreen, it will have to be replaced.

Don't worry! A cracked windscreen will be covered by your car insurance provided you have glass breakage cover. This is included in most all-risk packages.

If you don't know which professional to turn to, we recommend that you contact France Pare Brise, Carglass, Mondial Pare-Brise or Speedy in the event of an impact.

What to do while waiting for the windscreen crack to be repaired?

We recommend that you first drive carefully to avoid the crack spreading across your windscreen. You can buy a repair kit yourself to fix your crack or you can consult a professional.

If you are going to a garage, you can temporarily cover the crack with a piece of clear tape. This will protect the affected area from moisture and dirt. In addition, the transparency of the tape means that you will not be hindered while driving.

However, be careful not to use just any type of tape. Office tape will not be effective; opt for transparent packing tape instead.

What can I do to avoid a crack in my windscreen?

To avoid having a crack in your windscreen, we invite you to adapt the following reflexes:


When should I replace my windscreen?

You should replace your windscreen if the impact is in your field of vision or if there are already several impacts on your windscreen.

How can I avoid windscreen dents?

Do not leave your vehicle exposed to temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Cover your windscreen and shelter your vehicle.


The windscreen plays a major role in the safety of the motorist but also in his visibility. If it were to break, it would represent a considerable danger for you that should not be taken lightly. We therefore recommend that you consult a professional.